Screen Printing

Bulk printed garments at affordable prices.

Screen-Printing is the cheapest way to print clothing in quantities of 50 or more. At Paramount it costs as little as 72p per item.

Screen-Printing machine

Why choose Paramount for Screen-Printing?

  1. Print quality. We’ve screen-printed hundreds of thousands of items in up to 8 colours, and with the sample images below, the results speak for themselves.
  2. Price. Pricing starts from as little as £3.22 for a premium quality, ring-spun printed t-shirt.
  3. Wide product range. Choose from a vast range of printable products.
  4. Easy and fast. Tell us what you need, send us your artwork and receive your freshly screen-printed garments.
Screen-printed t-shirt sample image 1
Screen-printed t-shirt sample image 2
Screen-printed t-shirt sample image 3

How to order screen-printed clothing

  1. E-mail your artwork
  2. Tell us what you need from the list below
    1. Product style (t-shirt, hoody etc)
    2. Product quantity
    3. Product colour
  3. We'll check your artwork to make sure it's suitable for screen-printing and advise of any changes
  4. Receive your quote and pay online
  5. Turnaround time is usually 10 days or less

Screen-Printing price List

  • There is a £25 screen charge per colour
  • Contact us for a competitive quote on orders over 500 items

Need less than 50 items? Take a look at Digital Printing

1 Colour£2.12£1.3494p72p
2 Colour£2.26£1.52£1.1088p
3 ColourN/A£1.70£1.26£1.04
4 ColourN/A£1.88£1.40£1.20
5 ColourN/A£2.08£1.56£1.36
6 ColourN/A£2.26£1.72£1.52
7 ColourN/A£2.44£1.88£1.68
8 ColourN/A£2.64£2.04£1.84